Del Vecchio

str. Martir Ianos Paris, 17, Timisoara


Del Vecchio Pizza Place located in Giroc neighborhood, invites its guests to enjoy dishes from the Romanian and Italian cuisine, with some international influences, in a friendly and discreet yet elegant atmosphere. At the entrance, the bar has its important position watching over the laidback pleasant atmosphere inside the pizza place, while being accompanied by the wonderful paintings on the walls half covered in wood. The decoration of tables up to the final detail bring one closer to the savor of the dishes. The terrace, a genuine garden filled with plants, provides the comfort and intimacy required during the hot summer days for spending a dreamy afternoon while listening to the noise of cutlery in plates and clinking glasses. Managed by the passion of the kitchen team, the menu shows the influences of world cuisines, all dishes being made from fresh ingredients and carefully observing the manner and time for cooking them, be it pasta, pizza or other dishes based on chicken, pork or fish. The experience and contribution of each chef are found in their creations, thus providing consistency and high quality. Special attention is paid to vegans and to those requesting customized dishes, adjusted to their particular needs. The local, international and private wine, whisky, and liqueur labels, as well as a spotless service complete the gastronomic experience.

L-D: 12:00-23:00
Facebook: Pizzeria Restaurant del Vecchio
Limbi vorbite: RO / IT
Tip local: pizzerie, restaurant, elegant, particular